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Group Personal Training Classes

We are now holding BOOT CAMP CLASSES at the Aisling Irish Community Center located at 990 Mclean Ave, Yonkers NY 10704. Call us for schedule and pricing (914) 490-7058.

Class Schedule

Genesis Personal Training Programs

At Genesis Diversified Services we specialize in bringing the finest fitness programs available to the client in the convenience of their own home or place of business, be it for an individual client or a group. All of our training programs were personally designed and assembled by our CEO. Like all well rounded programs, our Strength & Conditioning Programs address the Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility components of fitness. We then take each client, assess his or her needs and goals and then augment the program to fit that particular individual. In this way, each client is matched to a program designed specifically for them. Our Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs are designed to enhance an athlete’s performance in his or her chosen sport.

Women’s Personal Training Programs

At Genesis, women are our most valued customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to address each and every one of your concerns in order to remove any apprehensions you may have about beginning your Personal Training program.

We have several locations where we can train you with NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. However, if a public gym or health club is just not your cup of tea, we offer IN HOME PERSONAL TRAINING, or TRAINING AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS. High quality training workouts are delivered right to your! There is no traveling to the gym, no being ogled by men you’d rather not bother with and no having to wait your turn to gain access to a particular piece of equipment. Genesis, brings the gym to you! No equipment to buy, maintain or take up space.

Notwithstanding, the benefits of In Home Personal Training, some women don’t like working out alone. Genesis is more than happy to accommodate this. We will structure a group program designed to fulfill the fitness needs of both you and your friends, while providing you with a substantial savings via our group rates. Remember, Genesis means creation. Don’t delay. Call today and let us help create the new YOU! For those remotely located, inquire about our distance training programs.

Sports Specific Programs

At Genesis we have training programs specifically designed to enhance an athlete’s performance in a given sport or sports. Below are some examples.

Racquet Sports & Golf Programs

With respect to Racquet Sports & Golf, our Strength & Conditioning Programs are designed to strengthen the specific muscle groups involved in that sport, as well as correct the strength imbalances that we see in many athletes. By correcting these strength deficiencies and imbalances we can make an athlete a more explosive, balanced and technically proficient player. With Squash and Tennis we also use sport specific movements within the context of intense Interval Training that develops the stamina necessary to play and recover quickly from the sort of successive, intense rallys that are the hallmark of those sports.  All of the athletes who have participated in our Squash Specific Training Program thus far, have experienced dramatic improvement in their game. We at Genesis are thoroughly pleased with these results and are always interested speaking with promising young players as well as established ones, who might be candidates for the program.


Our Boxing & Kickboxing Programs are first rate and go beyond simply strengthening and conditioning an athlete for participation in those sports. Do NOT confuse OUR programs with “CARDIO KARATE” OR “CARDIO BOXING” CLASSES you find at commercial gyms. They are nothing more than Aerobic Classes taught by novices. Our programs actually train you in the sports themselves from the ground up and are taught by instructors who have participated in and taught the sport their entire lives. If you do not desire to actually fight or “spar”, then you can simply avail yourself of the remaining portion of the program which encompasses everything short of actual sparring and enjoy the fitness benefits derived as a result.

* Call us today to arrange either Individual or Group training sessions at your home, place of business, your gym or one of our Locations! Serving Westchester, Putnam & Rockland Counties in NY, Fairfield County CT & Bergen County NJ.

Meal Plans & Nutritional Supplements

* We are pround to announce our alliance with United Medical Networks!

As a result of this partnership we are now able to offer our clients Nutritional Supplement regimens and Custom Meal Planning tailored to the individual client. You can log in daily to track your progress! Click on the image below and visit their site. Living healthier and eating right has never been made easier!

Our partner ID# is 2807!