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S.T.O.R.M. is a “Striking Oriented System” originally designed for the Law Enforcement & Military Professional. Invented by our CEO, Frank Drake, The S.T.O.R.M. System is the product Frank and his cadre of instructor’s 70 years combined experience in Police Work and the Martial Arts. They’ve taken easy to learn, easy to retain, easy to execute, highly effective techniques and built a Self Defense system around them. (See article “The Rear Kick” The best form of defense is OFFENSE”! Unlike most SD systems, The S.T.O.R.M. System utilizes aggressive “counter offense” rather than blocking, to repel attacks.

Our goal is not to make you a professional fighter. That takes years. Instead, our goal is to provide you with an effective arsenal of techniques to give you an edge when life and limb are on the line. This we can do in a few hours over the course of two weeks or less. If you need Self Defense Training, but don’t have the time for formal martial arts study, then THIS IS THE PROGRAM FOR YOU! Should you desire that sort advanced training however, we can accommodate you.

The S.T.O.R.M System, goes beyond the physical and environmental awareness components of Self Defense achieving protection through a layered defense system that integrates Hand to Hand Combat & Weapons Training with the finest most highly trained Personal Protection Dogs available.


About Us


As our name implies, we are a company providing a broad array of services. Self Defense Training, Weapons Programs, and Seminars on these and other related Personal Security Topics form our core business. We pride ourselves on providing one of the most comprehensive Self Defense programs available. Man’s need for and preoccupation with Self Defense is as old as mankind itself.  Our client list is extensive and includes corporations such as British Petroleum.

We also offer intense Personal Training Programs and Personal Protection Dogs as ancillary services to both augment and potentiate the benefits derived from our primary services. Since superior physical conditioning can only enhance any Self Defense program, Security and Physical Fitness are inextricably connected both in the individual and in a trained Security Force. Our highly trained Personal Protection Dogs are the finest available and are an integral part of our layered Self Defense philosophy. We are the first company to bundle and offer all of these highly related services to the consumer. In the post 9/11 world, we feel this is essential since the nexus between them is greater than ever as both corporations and individuals become more concerned with Self Defense and Security issues as the spectre of Terrorism looms ever larger in our lives.

Terrorism however, is not the only security issue confronting Americans in the 21st century. The frequency with which “Home Invasion” type robberies are occurring is soaring, as more and more Americans achieve a measure of affluence, making themselves candidates for this and other related crimes such as kidnapping. Oddly enough, as these crimes increase in frequency, legislatures at both the Federal and State levels are reducing the range of options available to civilians to defend themselves against these crimes. Anti-gun laws and civil action against gun manufacturers make civilians reluctant to own firearms as a means of protecting the home. This aside, some individuals are simply not comfortable having a firearm in their home for a host of reasons.

In an effort to broaden the number of security options available to our clients so that they may remain more proactive in providing for the security of their home and loved ones, we at Genesis have added the aforementioned K-9 option. In cooperation with one of the leading providers in the industry, Genesis Diversified Services is now able to provide you with the finest fully, trained, Personal Protection Dogs available.

Our CEO, Frank Drake, was a New York City Police Officer for fifteen years and a union official in the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association for the last nine of those years. During that time he patrolled the toughest streets in America spending all 15 years in the South Bronx. He holds an Assoc. Degree in Criminal Justice, a Bachelor of Science degree in Police Science & Legal Studies, an MBA, a certification in Personal Training from “American Council on Exercise” since 1997 and has been involved in Fitness and the Martial Arts his entire adult life. He has personally effected over 500 arrests, has over 1000 assists and has single handedly fought and disarmed knife and gun wielding felons on numerous occasions with his bare hands. He is highly sought after by corporations, battered women’s shelters and individuals alike as a Self Defense expert and security consultant.

Our Personal Training division counts amongst it’s clients many aspiring young athletes seeking “sport specific strength & conditioning training” for sports such as Squash, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Kickboxing, etc.

Our cadre of Self Defense Instructors, Speakers / Lecturers, and Personal Trainers are among the finest available. They are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in their fields, patient, dedicated, personable and derive a great deal of satisfaction from helping clients achieve their goals. Regardless of which of our services you wish to avail yourself of, our objective is your satisfaction. More detailed information regarding each of our services is available by viewing the relevant pages on this site and we encourage you to contact us about them. We are accessible by phone, conventional mail or e-mail. We check our e-mail daily and endeavor to answer all e-mails the same day they are received.

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